CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Markus Kohm

Der Beitragende Markus Kohm ist als Mitglied KOMA der CTAN-Gemeinschaft vertreten.

Define old font commands
An enhancement to package float using package tocbasic
An enhancement to package floatrow using package tocbasic
Grid, a.k.a. in-register, setting
Typeset EAN barcodes using rules, only
A bundle of versatile classes and packages
Examples from the KOMA-Script book
Examples from the 3rd edition of the KOMA-Script book
Examples from the 4th edition of the KOMA-Script book
Examples from the 5th edition of the KOMA-Script book
Deprecated packages from koma-script
Create index using Lua
Add a ‘\makelabels’ feature to KOMA-Script letter classes and package
Notes in the margin, even where \marginpar fails
Changing \normalcolor
support of pastors’ and priests’ work
Provide 3 commands for typesetting rules
Provide data from scrlttr2's address files
Koma-Script ‘article’ class
Provide basic features for KOMA-Script
Koma-Script ‘book’ class
Calendar date operations
Use of components of KOMA-Script by other packages
Koma-Script support for lawyers, etc
Manage text ‘layers’ within Koma-Script
Combining package fancyhdr with KOMA-Script’s scrlayer
Control note columns parallel to the main text
Define and manage page styles
Letter extention to KOMA-Script classes
Installation control for koma-script packages
Koma-Script ‘letter’ class
Control of page headers and footers in
Koma-Script ‘report’ class
Show the time of a run
Use .aux file in place of \newrite files
An enhancement of the setspace package
Unlimited number of indexes
Management of tables/lists of contents (and the like)
Define style of Table of contents (etc) files
Set page margins
Universal titlepages with configuration options and predefined styles
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