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macros for defining abbreviations in documents.
typeset abstracts of documents.
accessibility support.
relies on availability of Adobe Acrobat, etc..
define and use acronyms.
lists of addresses, for a personal directory (or the like).
convert PostScript to PDF using Adobe Distiller.
small advertisements, fly sheets, etc..
support for typesetting Albanian.
tables, tab structures, etc.
ancillary code for tables, tab structures, etc.
support for typesetting Amharic.
jokes, distractions, tongue-in-cheek packages, and other entertainment material.
usable under Android.
typesetting according to the rules of the American Psychological Association.
Typsetting and using appendices.
documentation in and support for typesetting Arabic.
Root directory of a (sub-)tree of the archive.
creating archival copies, or copies for distribution.
perform and typeset arithmetic problems.
support for typesetting Armenian.
article classes and their developments.
fonts and typesetting for astrologers.
astronomy articles, astronomical charts.
finite-state machines, automata, labelled graphs, etc..
support for typesetting Azerbaijani.
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