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documentation in, and support for typesetting Macedonian.
alternative ways of defining macros.
print code verbatim alongside the rendered result.
macros that are independent of the () format in use.
repeat material.
sort data within macros.
support for development of macros.
magazines, newspapers and other ephemeral pubications.
digests, etc., of mailing lists.
mail merge, etc.
support for typesetting Maltese.
support for typesetting Manju.
support for typesetting Marathi.
marginal notes, etc..
alternative markup scheme.
typeset matter relevant to Materials Science.
support for typesetting mathematics.
documentation of typesetting mathematics.
construction or application of mathematical symbols.
systems of equations.
mathematical tables of signs and variations.
typeset mathematical theorems.
typeset matrices.
measure and report details of a document.
typesetting medical material.
calls, agendas, minutes of meetings.
typeset memorandum or other short note.
manage messages to the user.
catalogue entry about other catalogue entries.
process document metadata.
documentation for users.
paragraph shapes, margin adjustments, etc..
miscellaneous conversions.
discussion/working paper (rather than journal paper).
miscellaneous support stuff.
support for mobile use.
support for typesetting molecular biology.
support for typesetting Mongolian.
documentation in Mongolian.
documentation for users.
support tools and macros for programming.
use, and support for use, of .
more than one column on the page.
support for more than one (natural) language.
extra language ‘drivers’ for existing multilingual packages.
support for multimedia in documents.
typesetting music and related stuff.
external input sources for music.
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