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label and reference systems.
typeset sets of labels (for cutting out, etc.).
print landscape orientation, manipulate landscape material.
support for typesetting invented language(s).
experimental developments ‘in the wild’.
encourage quality in markup.
package only known to work with 2.09.
work done for the project to upgrade .
support for typesetting Latin (ancient, medieval and ‘modern’).
support for typesetting Latvian.
layout of objects on the page.
page trim marks and decorations.
display details of page layout.
provide marks to assist in layout design.
typeset leaders, etc..
typesetting legal documents or study material.
typesetting letters, envelopes, faxes, etc.
change space between characters.
drop capitals and flow text around them.
manage application of licence information.
number the typeset lines.
patterning lines (dashes, etc).
leading between lines of text.
control the weight of rules, etc., in text.
support for linguistics.
list: general.
list: items bulleted.
list: items described.
list: items enumerated.
list support.
computer code listing.
support for typesetting Lithuanian.
literate programming.
literate programming tools.
analyse or otherwise manipulate logs.
typesetting logician’s discussions.
symbols or drawings to specify an object, including icons.
support for using Lua code.
Lua and packages that require it.
documentation of Lua and related packages.
adapted for use with lyx.
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