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risk and safety (etc.) notices.
support for typesetting samin.
support for typesetting Sanskrit.
support for writers of scientific documents.
support for typesetting Gaidhlig (Scottish Gaelic).
document security measures.
typesetting seminar proceedings.
documentation in, and support for typesetting Serbian.
shortcuts when typing.
simplified markup.
support for typesetting, and documentation in Slovak.
support for typesetting, and documentation in Slovenian.
support for typesetting Somali.
support for typesetting Sorbian.
support for typesetting Spanish.
documentation in Spanish.
specialised versions of alphabets.
-aware spelling checker.
typeset reports, diagrams, etc., of statistics.
support conformance to standards.
standards, or other normative documents, about and friends.
text string searches and manipulation.
structured markup.
include complete documents in other documents.
internal structure within a float.
position sub- and superscripts (left and right sides).
support for typesetting Swedish.
typesetting as done in Switzerland.
manage symbols in a document.
highlight syntax of computer code, etc..
syntax of computer science constructs.
os-level support facilities for .
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