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Support for designing posters on large paper.
AFM to AFM plus Composites.
Advanced PS, PDF, EPS converter.
Support for A4 paper sizes.
"Wide" a4 layout.
Support for a5 paper sizes.
AAAI style.
style for AAAI.
class file for the Marathi journal ‘Aalok’.
Macros for Manuscript Preparation for AAS Journals.
Simple macros supporting abreviations for Plain and .
Text abbreviations in .
Support ABC music notation in .
Notate tunes stored in ABC notation.
Typesetting academic works according to ABNT rules.
Typeset technical and scientific Brazilian documents based on ABNT rules.
class for formatting academic papers in ABNT standards.
A late medieval OpenType cursive font.
Asymmetric over-/underbraces in maths.
Absolute placement with coffins.
Books of abstracts.
Print a collection of abstracts.
Control the typesetting of the abstract environment.
Adaptable styles for use with Babel.
Adaptable styles.
Font containing high quality icons of online academic profiles.
Accanthis fonts, with support.
Extra accented character macros, designed for Italian.
Multiple mathematical accents.
Create a VF for the accents used in Czech/Slovak.
Create tagged and structured PDF files.
Utilities to derive new fonts from existing ones.
Better accessibility support for PDF files.
Support for American Chemical Society journal submissions.
Chicago Manual citations in .
Chicago Manual style.
ACM document style.
Class for typesetting publications of ACM.
Class for ACM conference proceedings.
Style option for ACM proceedings.
Class and style for ACM Transactions.
Typeset acronyms.
Create a graphing widget in a PDF file.
Make commands for acronyms.
Memory games in .
Expand acronyms at least once.
An algorithm package developed for 2.09.
Reload-the-current-PDF utility for Adobe Reader on Unix systems.
Sort sliced image into order.
Manage and index acronyms and terms.
The Acro education bundle.
JavaScript files used by acrotex and other packages.
Establish a page layout for an on-screen (PDF) document.
Scripts to create interactive tests from a database.
2.09 support for Advances in Control Systems.
Class for typesetting ACTIVE conference papers.
Angle symbol denoting a duration in actuarial and financial notation.
Actuarial symbols of life contingencies and financial mathematics.
A DOS system for working with Tamil.
A "book" style for Addison-Wesley house style.
Easier use of fonts without support.
Add index entries to document.
Access basic ligatures in legacy TrueType fonts.
A user-friendly wrapper around \enlargethispage.
Generate form letters and address labels.
Use syntax on EPS figures, within Mathematica.
Add paths to Lua packages and input files.
Australian Defence Force Academy thesis format.
OrnementsADF font with / support.
SymbolsADF with / support.
‘\listfiles’ entries from the command line.
Augmenting directed graphs.
Adjusting margins for multicolumn and single column output.
Graphics package-alike macros for “general” boxes.
Metric and map files for the Adobe Euro fonts.
Adobe Caslon font in .
Adobe cmap and pdfmapping files.
Using ornaments in Adobe Fonts with Lua or XeLaTeX.
styles to implement an address database.
Using address lists in .
Macros for drawing adpositional trees.
Print a date relative to "today".
Extend commands and environments.
Virtual fonts for T1 encoded CMR-fonts.
Items from the AeB Pro Family of Software.
An image slicer.
Create mini-tocs.
Multi-line links with hyperref.
Format PDF files for use on a smartphone.
AeB Tiling Backgrounds.
A drag-and-drop matching game with PDF files.
The AeB Pro eEnvelope System.
Add advanced metadata to PDF files.
Almost European Concrete Roman virtual fonts.
Add several kinds of guillemets to the ae fonts.
Special support for the æ character.
Tag author and affiliation information in a key-value style.
Convert AFM files to PLs for use with dvitops.
An early converter from AFM to PL.
Unix utilities for translating AFM files to PL.
Typesetting articles for Archives of Forensic Psychology.
Add commands to package after it's loaded.
Execute command after the next page break.
Air Force Institute of Technology thesis class.
Styles for American Geophysical Union.
Typeset AIAA conference papers.
Bibliography style file for the AIChE Journal.
Remap Computer Modern fonts.
style for AJL.
A collection of packages and classes.
Comprehensive letter support.
Support for syllables in the Devanagari script.
Abstract .
Find fonts that contain a given glyph.
Typeset alchemist and astrological symbols.
Alegreya fonts with support.
Extended .
Alert messages for .
The Alfa Slab One font face with support for and pdf.
environments for typesetting algorithms.
Typeset Algobox programs.
A revival of Frutiger's Algol alphabet.
Floating algorithm environment with algorithmic keywords.
The algorithmic style you always wanted.
A suite of tools for typesetting algorithms in pseudo-code.
Package for typesetting pseudocode.
Support multiple lines of pseudocode.
Alias counters.
Fix alignment at \overset or \underset.
A font for Arabic-based writing systems in Nigeria and Niger.
Automatic numbering of all equations.
Fonts and package for almost all runes.
Everything in tt font, but obey commands and line endings.
Indented version of alltt.
Almendra fonts with support.
Arabic-Latin Modern Fixed extends -Gyre Latin Modern Mono 10 Regular to full Arabic Unicode support.
Alphanumeric section numbering.
Editor for the Macintosh with good support.
Persian version of alpha.bst.
Add alphabetical headers into citations.
Convert numbers to letters.
Sectioning commands for jura.
Modified alpha style.
A modification of alpha.bst.
Multiple choice questionnaires in two column tables.
Alternative font handling in .
Line numbering in 2.09.
Subscripts and superscripts with square brackets.
Typesetting verse.
AMA manual of style citations.
Official American Meteorological Society Template.
A classical Arabic typeface, Naskh style.
An Amiga port of web2C.
How to install AmiWeb2c.
AMS Commutative Diagrams for .
Convert AMS- style bibliography entries to .
Alter the position of affiliations in amsart.
document class for AMS math journal articles.
document class for AMS books.
Produce bold math symbols (AMS-).
AMS- commutative diagrams.
Enhanced commutative diagrams.
AMS document classes for .
User documentation for AMS document classes.
fonts from the American Mathematical Society.
Mathematical enhancements for .
Getting up and running with AMS-.
Vietnamese translation of AMS documentation.
AMS-, original version (obsolete).
AMS mathematical facilities for .
Italian translations of some old amsmath documents.
Support for multiple indexes in AMS Classes.
Typeset mathematical operator names.
ASCII and spell checker.
AMS- article preprint document style.
AMS- v.2 compatibility for amsppt.sty v.1.
document class for AMS conference proceedings.
A -based replacement for .
American Mathematical Society plain macros.
Typeset text fragments in mathematics.
Typesetting theorems (AMS style).
An analog ticking clock package for PDF output.
andika fonts with support for all engines.
Create PDF and SVG animations from graphics files and inline graphics.
Using with Mik, including TrueType fonts.
Automatically typeset the academic year (French way).
Create text, stamp and file attachment annotations.
A bibliography style with annotations.
Easily annotate math equations using TikZ.
A style that processes annotations.
Suppress or permit annotations to a document.
Make chapters be typeset like sections.
Typeset anonymous versions for ACM articles.
Use AnonymousPro fonts with .
Answers and solutions, for 2.09.
Setting questions (or exercises) and answers.
A typesetting system inspired by .
Apache ANT Tasks for and PDF.
Generate sentences in the style of “Amici miei”.
Typeset an anti-particle in maths mode.
A short document about antique spanish units.
Alternative language support for Omega/Lambda.
Antykwa Półtawskiego: a Type 1 family of Polish traditional type.
Antykwa Toruńska: a Type 1 family of a Polish traditional type.
Virtual fonts for PostScript Antykwa Toruńska font.
document shell for ANU final exam.
Select any font size in .
A simple package to set up document margins.
TikZ styles for creating overlaid pictures in beamer.
Typeset articles for the Annals of Mathematics.
American Psychological Association format.
American Psychological Association format.
Format documents in APA style (6th edition).
Format manuscripts to APA 6th edition guidelines.
Format documents in APA style (7th edition).
Early APA style.
Citation style following the rules of the APA.
A style file for the European Journal of Operational Research.
A copy of apalike.bst with German localization.
Bibliography style that approaches APA requirements.
An APA-like style for .
Number equations by appendix.
Fonts for typesetting APL programs.
Literate programming in APL.
Arbitrary precision numbers implemented by macros.
Chess board macros using standard fonts.
Extra control of appendices.
Manage frame numbering in appendixes in beamer.
The book “Apprendre à programmer en ”.
Apprends !.
Tools for customising appendices.
Proofs in appendix.
Capital A and capital R ligature for Aspect Ratio.
support for Arabic and Farsi, compliant with Babel.
Using hyperref and bookmark packages with arabic and farsi languages.
Read a lower-case roman number.
An Arabic book class.
Frontmatter with arabic page numbers.
Arab for Lua.
Macros and fonts for typesetting Arabic.
An Arab-like interface for XeLaTeX.
Fonts for Aramaic script.
Fonts and for Syriac written in Serto.
Automation of compilation.
Typeset classwork exercises.
A citation-style which covers rules of the German Archaeological Institute.
A collection of archaic fonts.
The Archivo font face with support for and pdf.
Draw arcs over and under text.
Fonts and support files for Arev Sans.
Create abstract argumentation frameworks via TikZ.
Arimo sans serif fonts with support.
A -based archiver.
A system for writing in Armenian with and .
A document class for Army memorandums in accordance with AR 25-50.
Exercises in , with answers.
Support for the Bengali language.
Typeset exercises in , with answers.
Arphic (Chinese) font packages.
TrueType version of Chinese Arphic fonts.
Extending the array and tabular environments.
A program for making and xypic arrays.
New column types for array and tabular environments.
Array data structures for .
Array data structures for .
Sort arrays (or portions of them).
Eplain macros for commutative diagrams.
A different view of the ClassicThesis package.
Open Type font by Andrij Shevchenko.
Make filecontents environments of non-standard files or packages.
Default class for composing an article.
class for articles published in INGENIERIA review.
Support for article threads.
The Arvo font face with support for and pdf.
Get bibliography entries from arXiv.org.
Draw dash-lines in array/tabular.
Transactions of the ASAE.
A font to typeset maths in and Lua.
Using the free ASAP Symbol font with and Plain .
Retrieve text from screenshots.
Bibliography style for the ASCE.
An ASCII wall chart.
A Latin alphabet representation of Cyrillic.
Use the ASCII “font” in .
Environments AsciiList and AsciiDocList for prototyping nested lists in .
Boxes and picture macros with Japanese vertical writing support.
Interactive use of \includeonly.
Typeset American style Karnaugh maps.
A template for ASME conference papers.
A template for ASME journal papers.
Capital A and capital R ligature for Aspect Ratio.
Spell checker.
A class file for typesetting homework and lab assignments.
Associate counters, making them step when a master steps.
support for creating association matrices.
Annotation symbols enclosed in square brackets and marked with an asterisk.
Astronomical (planetary) symbols.
style for astronomical journals.
Verbatim environment, with rather few escapes.
Commands for using Asymptote figures.
2D and 3D -Aware Vector Graphics Language.
Asymptote by example.
Asymptote FAQ (Chinese translation).
A Chinese translation of the asymptote manual.
User-friendly integration of Asymptote into .
Short commands starting '@'.
for Atari machines.
Execute stuff at \shipout time.
Provides the \AtEndDvi command.
Add a custom symbol at the end of an environment.
Support for the Atkinson Hyperlegible family of fonts.
Attach arbitrary files to a PDF document.
Attach files into PDF.
Attribution of block quotations in .
Hooks at the very end of a document.
Memoir-based class for formatting University of Auckland masters' and doctors' theses.
Emacs support files for .
Calligraphic font for typesetting handwriting.
Artificial Uncial manuscript book-hand font.
Artificial Uncial font and support macros.
Calligraphic fonts for use with in T1 encoding.
Extends the hyperref package with a mechanism for hyperlinked URLs abbreviated with prefixes.
Header files for dvips to make colour separations.
Support for footnote style author/affiliation.
Make author, etc., available after \maketitle.
Adds self-archiving information to scientific papers.
Author/date style citation styles.
Index citations by author names.
Wrapper for pst-pdf (with some psfrag features).
Using Lua together with PostScript code.
support for Underware Auto 1 fonts.
Align terms and members in math expressions.
Simple line breaking of long formulae.
Autoconf macros to test for the presence of .
Automatically compute headlength for fancyhdr package.
Tools to simplify using fonts (especially TT/OTF ones).
Automate compilation of large scale projects.
More lists.
Automagic numbering in Plain .
Finite state machines, graphs and trees in .
A harvard-family style.
Automatic equation references.
Conversion of graphics to pdf-compatible formats.
The picture mode, for use with Plain .
Automatically punctuate lists.
A Preprocessor that generates note-spacing commands for MusiX scores.
Generating tabulars from input data.
Table of contents in Plain .
A Lua package for automatic language-specific typography.
Maintain a Ghostscript view of emacs buffer.
Hooks for auxiliary files.
An 8-Bit Microcontroller Simulator written in .
Web system for programs written in Ada.
Draw admonition blocks in your documents, illustrated with FontAwesome icons.
Access to formulas in PDF files by assistive technologies.
Feynman diagrams in a document.
Feynman diagrams in a document.
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