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Decorative borders for texts in Arabic and French.
Arabic-aware version of pas-cours package.
Tables of relative positions of curves and asymptotes or tangents in Arabic documents.
Font for Nabatean script.
Detecting and warning about obsolete commands.
Render nahuatl glyphs.
EBNF in plain text.
Name authority mechanism for consistency in body text and index.
"Named" bibliography style.
definitions with named parameters.
Macros for named tensor notation.
Make reference to section names, etc.
Rudimentary C++-like namespaces in .
An unsorted style with labels provided in the database.
Typesetting herbarium specimen labels.
Type1 subfonts of Nanum Korean fonts.
style for Nucleic Acid Research.
Drawing Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams and flowcharts.
Flexible bibliography support.
Typeset natural deduction proofs.
Natural mathematics notation.
Move punctuation following a citation.
Prepare papers for the journal Nature.
PDF features across formats and engines.
Support for Technical Reports by US Navy Organizations.
Convert NotaBene4 to .
Print numbers in non-decimal bases.
Metrics and support for ITC New Baskerville Font From Adobe.
An extended general-purpose class.
“Poor man’s” blackboard bold.
Elaborate box commands.
Use comma as decimal separator in mathematics.
Crop-marked boxes.
Draw cropmarks on the output page.
Extensive control of page headers and footers.
Extensions of the float mechanisms.
User-generated footnote marks.
Extended mathematics capabilities.
Modify skips between paragraphs.
Extend the graphicx package for more formats.
Compose dashed lines.
A re-implementation of sections, captions and tocs.
Insert a stretch between each token of a string.
Another theorem environment.
A collection of general packages for .
Maths macros from chair X of Würzburg University.
Notre Dame Dissertation format class.
North Dakota State University disquisition class.
North Dakota State University disquisition class 2022.
The -Mode is a set of macros for the NEdit text editor.
Insert pagebreak if not enough space.
Calendar maker.
OpenType version of Hermann Zapf’s Euler maths font.
Alternate quotes between double and single with nesting.
New font installation.
Graph-drawing for neural networks.
style for the journal Neuron.
package for automatic definite articles for Hungarian.
Format algorithms like Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest.
Another APA citation mechanism.
A style to format reference lists in the Harvard at Newcastle style.
Reimplemented \include system for .
Computer Modern fonts including matching non-latin alphabets.
Generate new command definitions.
Computer Modern fonts including matching non-latin alphabets.
Processing an environment’s body.
User level management of input and output.
Define new floating environments.
Reworking Plain 's insert macros.
Write letters, facsimiles, and memos.
Experimental package to extract and reinsert PDF annotations.
Make commands to define proofs.
Alternative uses of the PX fonts, with improved metrics.
Macros for making newsletters with Plain .
Typeset newsletters to resemble newspapers.
Obsolete version of ntheorem.
Alternative uses of the TX fonts, with improved metrics.
Sans-math fonts for use with newtx.
Enhancement of typewriter fonts from newtx.
Definitions of the meaning of Unicode characters.
Define your own verbatim-like environment.
Define new versions of \verb, including short verb versions.
Generalisations of the page advance commands.
Supporting for the Nexus OpenType or True Type Fonts.
Extensions to the NFSS.
Typesetting font tables using ’s NFSS notation.
Support for new German typography.
Provide \listfiles alignment.
Typeset in-line fractions in a "nice" way.
Support for fancy frames.
Type 1 versions of the fonts recommended in niceframe.
Improve the typesetting of mathematical matrices with PGF.
Minimal markup for simple text (Wikipedia style) and documentation.
Minimising markup for documenting packages.
Bottom placement option for double float in two column mode (nidan-kumi).
A class for NIH grant applications.
A class for NIH biosketches based on the 2015 updated format.
Support files for Nimbus 2015 Core fonts.
Draws sticks for games of multi-pile Nim.
Select colors with proper WCAG color contrast.
Reports for Nanjing University.
Thesis template for the Nanjing University of Science and Technology.
thesis template for Nanjing University.
Display logos related to Nanjing University.
A "new" version of the karta cartographic fonts.
Hyphenation patterns for Dutch.
Represent intervals on the number line.
Database reports using and .Net (or Mono).
Package documentation class.
Multiple versions of a bibliography, with different sort orders.
Draw neural networks.
Extension for the gb4e package.
"No number" footnotes.
Resolve macro name conflict between packages.
Visualize node lists in a tree view.
Preserve spaces and line breaks when setting text.
Norwegian hyphenation.
General hyphenation patterns for Norwegian.
Prevent paragraph indentation after environments or macros.
Improved underlines in mathematics.
No line breaks in text.
Produce lists of symbols as in nomenclature.
Nomenclature typeset in a longtable.
Display and manipulate historical non-decimal units.
Non-floating table and figure captions.
Prevent page numbers on part pages.
No page numbers in documents.
Avoid the need for protection.
Norwegian bibliography styles.
Changing \normalcolor.
class for No Starch Press.
A template for printing presentations on notepaper.
Mark sections of a document.
Integrating notes into the bibliography.
Filling documents with notes pages and notes areas.
An all-in-one notes package for students.
A style that outputs HTML.
Support for Noto fonts.
Noto Emoji fonts.
Prevent trouble from citations in table of contents, etc.
This package provides Noto CJK fonts.
Support for the condensed variants of the Noto fonts.
Math support for Noto fonts.
Class for printing fiction, such as novels.
A simple extensible literate programming tool.
Avoid widows.
Adaptable tables.
Cont plugin for Notepad++.
Class for the NRC technical journals.
Simple tabbing extension for automatic line numbering.
Dutch Users Group information.
The NTG's journal MAPS.
"European" versions of standard classes.
Generate English ordinal numbers.
Enhanced theorem environment.
Vietnamese translation of documentation of ntheorem.
New Typesetting System.
NTS mailing list digests.
Frequently answered questions about extension.
Notation for nuclear isotopes.
Provides data about atomic nuclides for documents.
style for Kluwer's Numerical Algorithms.
Print a block of code, with unique index number.
Counters spelled out in Portuguese.
Generates morphological end of units.
Numerically evaluate mathematical expressions in form.
Iteration and recurrence relations: finding fixed points, zeros and extrema of functions.
Create multi-column tables of mathematical functions.
Plot numeric data (including Matlab export) using PSTricks.
macros for numbering lines.
Convert a number to its English expression.
Converts a number to the russian spelled out name.
Print numbers with separators and exponent if necessary.
Spelling cardinal and ordinal numbers.
The Nunito font face with support for and pdf.
A thesis template package for Northwest A&F University, China.
Support for the journal “North-Western European Journal of Mathematics”.
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