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A scribe to converter.
TikZ library to draw switching architectures.
“Sacred Symbols” prepared with TikZ.
Typeset an SAE technical paper.
Safer references through strong typing of references.
Format papers for the annual meeting of EEGS.
Embed Sage code and plots into .
Convert bitmap formats to compact PS/PDF.
Samples of Plain coding.
Sanskrit hyphenation patterns.
Sanitize umlauts for MakeIndex and pdf.
Draw Sankey diagrams with TikZ.
Exchange Roman and Sans faces in a document.
Sanskrit support.
Type 1 version of ‘skt’ fonts for Sanskrit.
Maths in a sans font.
Correct placement of accents in sans-serif maths.
Extended Computer Modern sans serif fonts.
Typeset theses for Sapienza-University, Rome.
Archaic South Arabian script font.
Typeset SAS or R code or output.
A bundle of utilities by Jonathan Sauer.
Wide range of design sizes for CM fonts.
Use Sauter's fonts in .
Save environment content verbatim.
Save name of the footnote mark for reuse.
Redefine symbols where names conflict.
Optimise the use of each page of a document.
A compact distribution for MS-DOS.
Title page for the old ISO TC97/SC21 committee.
Title page for the old ISO TC97/SC21/WG1 working group.
Scale document by sqrt(2) or magstep(2).
Create scalebars for maps, diagrams or photos.
Rescale fonts to arbitrary sizes.
Constrained scaling and stretching of objects.
Support importing and embellishing scanned documents.
Weekly schedules.
Typeset schedules.
Draw block diagrams, using TikZ.
Print topical diagrams.
Typesetting Scheme programs with .
Simple support for literate programming in Lisp.
Using the OpenType fonts Gyre schola.
Extension of GyreSchola (New Century Schoolbook) with math support.
Various layout styles for school documents.
Support for teachers at German schools.
Commands and document classes for German-speaking teachers of mathematics and physics.
German “school scripts” from Suetterlin to the present day.
Typeset the German chess magazine “Die Schwalbe”.
Calligraphic font for typesetting handwriting in Schwell style.
Provides cover page and affirmation at the end of a thesis.
Visual editor.
Format a scientific paper for journal publication.
MacKichan software viewer.
Mark research contributions in scientific documents and embed them in PDF metadata.
Make posters of ISO A3 size and larger.
Use Scientific Word/WorkPlace files with another .
Prettyprinting SuperCollider source code.
Typeset scripts with Plain .
Stores contents in memory or files.
Format a Baseball scorecard.
Commands for Scrabble boards.
Provide data from scrlttr2's address files.
Create and print scrambled environments.
Koma-Script ‘article’ class.
Koma-Script ‘article’ class.
Draw programs like “scratch”.
Draw programs like “scratch”.
Include Scratch programs in documents.
Provide basic features for KOMA-Script.
Koma-Script ‘book’ class.
Calendar date operations.
Prepare a document for a simple previewer.
A class file to typeset screenplays.
Package version of the screenplay document class.
Use of components of KOMA-Script by other packages.
Make index package work with Koma-script classes.
Variant report and book styles.
Handwriting font.
A summary of mathematical script fonts for users.
Macros for scripts and screenplays.
A style for typesetting Bible quotations.
Typeset diaries or journals.
Koma-Script support for lawyers, etc.
Manage text ‘layers’ within Koma-Script.
Combining package fancyhdr with KOMA-Script’s scrlayer.
Control note columns parallel to the main text.
Define and manage page styles.
Letter extention to KOMA-Script classes.
Installation control for koma-script packages.
Koma-Script ‘letter’ class.
A letter class option file for the automatic creation of copies.
Control of page headers and footers in .
Koma-Script ‘report’ class.
Koma-Script ‘report’ class.
Show the time of a run.
Use .aux file in place of \newrite files.
Snowman variants using TikZ.
A family of cyrillic fonts.
support files for SDAPS.
Macros for Segmented Discourse Representation Theory.
Thesis Template of Shandong University.
A Thesis Class for the Chair of Software Engineering II at the University of Passau, Germany.
Section numbers with trailing dots.
Number theorems by section.
A macro to format section numbering intuitively.
Put security classification marks in a document.
Modifying section commands in .
Create fancy boxed ((sub)sub)sections.
support for section breaks.
Control sectional headers.
Improve the performance of \see macros with makeindex.
Hyphenation patterns for Swedish.
Select pages to be output.
Select pages to be output from a document.
Semi-automatic detection of input encoding.
Selectively disable typographic ligatures.
Semantic, keyval-based mathematics.
Help for writing programming language semantics.
Meaningful semantic markup in the spirit of the Text Encoding Initiative.
Semaphore alphabet font.
Create beautiful semester timetables and more.
Make overhead slides.
Put only special contents on left-hand pages in two sided layout.
Seminar proceedings.
Deals with stripped Seman documents.
Transliteration of semitic languages.
Numbered lists for sentences.
Support footnotes and endnotes from separate files.
Print numbers in a "friendly" format.
Split long sequences of characters in a neutral way.
Commands for Serbian words with apostrophes.
Support for use of memoir in Serbian.
Updated date typesetting for Serbian.
Serbian cyrillic localization.
Control ligatures in Serbian.
Redefines \thepart to be used in Roman lettered Serbian.
Generate serial letters.
Class and package for sesamath books or paper.
Session and timing information in lecture notes.
Typeset cards for Set.
Set hbox in outer horizontal mode.
Set space between lines.
An enhancement of the setspace package.
Automatic strut computation.
Assigning dimensions of a box to a length register.
Scale text to given width.
Scale text to make it fit a given width.
Southeast University Machine Learning Assignment template.
template for theses at Southeastern University.
class for theses at Southeast University, Nanjing, China.
Package for typesetting arabic exam scripts.
Standard form 298.
A 2.09 article style with an sf switch.
Typesetting science fiction/fantasy manuscripts.
Draw signal flow graphs.
Sans headers.
Sans-serif mathematics.
A set of definitions for Unix system documentation.
style for typesetting strategic games.
Suppport for formulae as SGML PCDATA.
Shade the background of any box.
Shade pieces of text.
Shade boxes using PostScript specials.
Theorem environments that are shaded.
package for putting text on a shaded background.
Shadow boxes.
Produce text with a shadow behind it.
A simple Hebrew typesetting bundle.
A macro to typeset paragraphs in specific shapes.
Transfig patch supporting shapepar.
Draw polygons, reentrant stars, and fractions in circles with .
A Shavian spelling alphabet font.
Float environment to document the shell commands of a terminal session.
Unified shell escape interface for .
Serbo-Croatian hyphenation (Latin alphabet).
A collection of packages and classes.
compilation script for Linux (written in Bash).
An OpenType Devanāgarī font designed for scholars.
Guide to using amsmath and related packages to typeset mathematical notation with .
Enables shortcut file import to the input tool Shortcut.
Compact lists by running several items per line.
Automatically shortify titles of mathematical journals.
Table of contents with different depths.
Abbreviated verbatim commands.
Variants of \show for .
Show characters inside a box.
Variants on printing dimensions.
Typesetting source code.
Draw a page-layout diagram.
Marking of hyphenation points.
Show all possible hyphenations in Lua.
Showing kerns in a document.
Show label, ref, cite and bib keys.
Show label commands in the margin.
Print the tags of bibliography entries.
A letter document style for use at SHSU.
An unofficial thesis template for ShanghaiTech University.
A symbol for the shuffle product.
A comprehensive (SI) units package.
Styles for SIAM publications.
Rotated floats for 2.09.
Typeset captions sideways.
Typeset notes containing rich content, in the margin.
Place referenced notes, alerts, figures and tables into the document margin.
A class for typesetting stage plays.
SIGGRAPH conference class.
Create beautifully typeset sign charts.
Lyx template for Hebrew article format.
Selective filtering of error messages and warnings.
John Cleese’s Silly Walk as page numbering style.
Insert 'terminal' or 'context menu' or 'viewers' like in an OS.
Template for a simple resume or curriculum vitae (CV), in XeLaTeX.
Template for a simple thesis or dissertation (Ph.D. or master's degree) or technical report, in XeLaTeX.
A simple package to format Backus-Naur form (BNF).
Simple CD, DVD covers for printing.
A simple class for writing curricula vitae.
Simple Icons for .
Easy typesetting of invoices.
A simple key/value system for and .
Simple nodes in four colors written in TikZ for .
Drawing lenses and mirrors for optical diagrams.
Simpler Wick contractions.
Define matrices by given list of values.
Simple Wick contractions.
A Simplified Introduction to .
Write your books in a simple and clear way.
source for Simpsons characters.
Typeset Parsi in Lua.
Calculate sin function values.
Support for the Sinhala language.
Fonts and macros for typesetting Tibetan.
Package to typeset SI units, numbers and angles.
Save the optional argument of \item.
International System of Units.
A comprehensive (SI) units package.
Fonts and macros for typesetting chess games.
The skak chess fonts redone in Adobe Type 1.
Tools for a repository of long-living documents.
Documentation and extraction for packages and document classes.
Placeholders for unfinished documents.
A 3d sketch language translator.
Create commands using parameters and keyval in parallel.
Key-value parsing combining features of xkeyval and pgfkeys.
Create proficiency tests.
Extensions to the maths command repertoir.
‘Simple’ class for reports, etc.
A font to draw a skull.
Access different-shaped small-caps fonts.
Both column and row headings in a tabular cell.
Put a slash through characters.
support for writing Swedish.
A pretty-printer for Scheme code in documents.
A pretty-printer for Scheme code in documents.
Slanted emphasis in 2.09.
Slanted emphasis in .
Slovenian hyphenation patterns.
Typeset slides accompanied by notes.
Class for creating slides.
Generate slideshow with .
Simplified tables for .
Promote small caps to a font family, so NFSS can deal with different shapes.
Choose an "adjacent" size in .
Create listoffigures etc. in a single chapter.
Typeset Smalltalk program fragments.
Automatic math symbol styling for documents.
Generate diagrams from lists.
Make hyphens print as minus signs where appropriate.
Extend 's \ref capability.
Converting between common metric and Imperial units.
Classes for Société mathématique de France publications.
Create documents and more from simple texts.
List the external dependencies of a document.
A todo that snaps to the closer side.
Shaped notes for Music.
Typeset notes, in the margin.
Makes appearance of standard styles more "sober".
Commands for dealing with Sobolev spaces (and relatives).
Manage the "soft fonts" in a LaserWriter printer.
Support files for the SoftMaker Alte Schwabacher font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Artistic font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Baskerville Nova fonts.
Support files for SoftMaker Bonita.
Support files for the SoftMaker Broadway fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Canossa fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Congress fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Delano Caps font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Digital fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker EgyptienneStd fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Flagstaff font.
Support files for SoftMaker free fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Grenoble fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Helium fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Helium fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Henderson font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Iceberg font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Inverserif font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Jugendstil font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Marseille fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Moab font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Nevada fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Newcastle fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Old Blackletter font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Quadrat fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Stone Handwriting font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Sunset fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker Congress fonts.
Support files for the SoftMaker VAGRounded font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Velo font.
Support files for the SoftMaker Veracruz fonts.
Support files for SoftMaker free fonts.
Save loading all of another package.
Package for typesetting song lyrics and chord books.
Generate Beamer slideshows with song lyrics.
Produce song books for church or fellowship.
Upper Sorbian hyphenation patterns.
Bibliography styles for alphabetic sorting.
University of Southampton-compliant slides.
Hyphenation for letterspacing, underlining, and more.
A fancy means of underlining.
Hyphenation for letterspacing, underlining, and more.
Generate alphabet soup puzzles.
kernel documentation for the entire system as one document.
Use SourceCodePro with (-alike) systems.
Use SourceSansPro with (-alike) systems.
Use SourceSerifPro with (-alike) systems.
A font for an archaic South Arabia script.
Fonts and a macro for Soyombo under .
Kerning between words and against space.
Addressing various spacing issues.
Bibliography style for Spanish documents.
Typeset matrices and arrays with spaces and semicolons as delimiters.
Babel support for Spanish.
Typeset Spanish as in Mexico.
Support OpenType Spark fonts.
Drawing sparklines: intense, simple, wordlike graphics.
Manipulate “soft paths” in PGF.
Customize superscripts and subscripts.
Spectral fonts with support.
Print spectral sequence diagrams using PGF/TikZ.
Support for spell-checking of Lua documents.
Patch kernel spacing macros.
template for writing PhD Thesis.
Experimental Spanish hyphenation patterns.
A tool for building WEB systems.
Support for formatting SPIE Proceedings manuscripts.
Yet another compilation tool: simple, human readable, no option, no magic.
macros for drawing cubic spline interpolants.
Write LALR(1) parsers in using bison and flex.
Box two chunks of text side-by side.
Split and reorder your bibliography.
Unlimited number of indexes.
Spotlight highlighting for Beamer.
Spot colours for pdf.
Spreadsheet features for tabular environments.
Macros for Springer journals.
Macros to typeset simple bitmaps with .
Allow line breaks within \verb and verbatim output.
An SQL Preprocessor for .
Square Capitals manuscript book-hand font.
Hyphenation of Serbian half-compound words in cyrillic scripts.
Hyphenation of special cases in Serbian.
Class for Springer books.
Font STIX2 for Serbian and Macedonian.
Jump between DVI and files.
A tool for redacting sources.
Typeset Austrian SRDP in mathematics.
Hyphenation patterns for Serbian Cyrillic.
Saxon rune font.
Typesetting spectral sequence charts.
Sans headers in book style.
Slides with headers and footers.
Use the cmssq fonts.
Simplified Plain tables.
Multipage tabular.
Tools to define and use stacks.
Highly customised stacking of objects, insets, baseline changes, etc.
Enhancement to the \stackrel command.
A class for stage plays.
Inclusion based on .aux file date stamps.
Compile pictures stand-alone or as part of a document.
TikZ Library for Structural Analysis.
The StarFont Sans astrological font.
A structured array (of properties) based on expl3.
An XML-inspired format for student use.
A short guide to using to typeset high quality documents.
Statistics style.
Statistics style.
Compute and typeset statistics tables and graphics.
Store statistics of a document.
A package for simple use of statistical notation.
Displays SAS code and results of running the code.
Typeset Icelandic staves and runic letters.
Provide sectioning information for package writers.
Standard pages with n lines of at most m characters each.
“Steal” small capitals.
Print Steinmetz notation.
Stellenbosch thesis bundle (legacy version).
Stellenbosch University thesis bundle.
A free Times-like font.
A free Times/Elsevier-style Greek font.
An infrastructure for semantic preloading of documents.
Commands to control the presentation of floats.
A reworking of STIX2.
OpenType Unicode maths fonts.
OpenType Unicode text and maths fonts.
Type1 versions of the STIX Two OpenType fonts.
St Mary Road symbols for theoretical computer science.
Support for the Stone Sans Phonetic font.
Storing information for reuse.
Store the name of a defined command in a container.
Draw objects constructed from strands.
Structural organic chemistry.
Strictly balanced brackets and numbers in command names.
Create string diagrams with and TikZ.
Converting a string between different encodings.
String manipulation for cosmetic and programming application.
A TikZ command set for structural mechanics drawings.
Draw Nassi-Shneiderman charts.
Various macros.
Create tear-off stubs at the bottom of a page.
Management and styling of student handout projects.
An interactive course for students.
Create a .dtx file from a .sty file.
Make a web page to compare styles.
Handling multiple versions of user-defined macros.
macros for drawing Chinese and Japanese abaci.
Support for sub-captions.
Unify maths subscript height.
Multifile documents.
Package for subequation numbering.
Equation array with sub numbering.
Figures broken into subfigures.
Automates layout when using the subfigure package.
Deprecated: Figures divided into subfigures.
Individual typesetting of subfiles of a “main” document.
Sub-numbering for figures and tables.
Sub-number counters.
Provides the \textsubscript command.
A database of chemicals.
Obsolete package to combine font families for different font encodings.
Deal with substrings in strings.
A range of sub- and superscript commands.
Easy text-style subscripts in math mode.
Create sudoku grids.
A set of sudoku-related packages.
Calligraphic font for typesetting handwriting in Sütterlin style.
Define commands with suffixes.
A document class for typesetting theses, books and articles.
SAS(R) user group conference proceedings document class.
Attach superior figures to a font family.
A multi-page tables package.
Abbreviate the word “Suppose”.
Macros for SuperSymmetry-related work.
Typeset a Stanford University thesis.
A set of verbatim text manipulations.
Include and extract SVG pictures in documents.
How to include an SVG image in using Inkscape.
Define SVG named colours.
Typeset Subversion keywords.
Subversion keywords in multi-file documents.
Subversion variants of \Provides... macros.
Typeset Subversion keywords.
A font with symbols for use in physics texts.
Swedish bibliography styles.
Plain support for writing Swedish.
Insert large images that do not fit into a single page.
Edit doc.sty and normal files with GNU Emacs.
Graphical/textual representations of swimming performances.
Obfuscate email addresses (now obsolete).
Lines thicker in the middle than at the ends.
Typeset a swung dash in .
Typeset syllogisms in .
Macros to use the Symbats3 dingbats fonts.
Generate a list of symbols with different subgroups.
Work with SymPy and PyLua.
Include symbolic computation (using sympy) in documents.
Reference management tool for .
Sync output file parser.
A tool for generating syntax diagrams from BNF.
Easy drawing of syntactic proofs.
Typeset syntax descriptions.
Creation of syntax diagrams.
Create “railroad” syntax diagrams.
Run a document through for syntax checking.
Labels for tracing in a syntax tree.
Typeset syntactic trees.
A font for Syriac written in Estrangelo.
Support for Systems and Control Letters.
Format systems of equations.
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