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Typeset Python, C and Pascal programs.
Business letters in the Italian style.
C language prettyprinter.
Simple conversion of C programs to .
A humanist Sans Serif font, with support.
Convert document fragments into graphics.
Hyphenation of inflected languages, using CM fonts.
Schedule and grade books for French teachers.
Hyphenation patterns for the Catalan language.
Support for the Caladea family of fonts.
Simple arithmetic in commands.
Calculate the age of something, in years.
Calculates the value of an expression containing fractions.
Language for numeric tables.
Typesetting reasoned calculations, also called calculational proofs.
Use as a scientific calculator.
A package for calendars and timetables.
A calendar document.
Calculate the week number of a date.
Calligraphic font.
Type 1 version of Calligra.
Put simple annotations and notes inside a picture.
Calorie checking for dieters.
Copperplate calligraphic letters in .
Multipage tables with wide range of features.
Prints a card-size calendar for any year.
Print a calendar for a group of years.
Prototype work on future citation engine.
Place lines through maths formulae.
Create canonical page layouts with memoir.
support for the Cantarell font family.
Capital baseball "matrix printer" font collection.
Dropped capitals for Plain .
Captions on more than floats.
Retain float number across several floats.
Declare free-standing \caption commands.
Customising captions in floating environments.
Superseded version of the caption package.
Carbohydrate molecules with chemfig.
Print visiting cards.
Typeset text for cardfile cards.
David Carlisle’s small packages.
Support for Carlito sans-serif fonts.
Carolingan Miniscule manuscript book-hand font.
Adobe Type 1 format of Carolingian Minuscule fonts.
A Lua package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables.
Constructions with braces to present mathematical demonstrations.
The Cascadia Code font with support for and pdf.
Typeset papers conforming to the stylesheet of the Cascadilla Proceedings Project.
Make cassette covers.
Numbered cases environment.
Support for the Casio ClassWiz font.
Typeset cassette box inserts.
Print labels for audio cassettes.
A 209 document style for cassette inserts.
Typeset cassette labels.
Typeset Cree/Inuktitut in Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics.
Catalan hyphenation patterns.
Bibliographic styles for use in Catalan.
A catalogue of what’s available on CTAN.
Catch an external file into a macro.
Catch text delimited by docstrip tags.
Generic handling of category codes.
Text extractor for word files.
A DVI to plain text translator.
Macros for typesetting catechisms.
Preserving and recalling standard catcodes.
Draw causal set (Hasse) diagrams.
Coptic fonts and macros for general usage and for philology.
Bibliography style for Council of Biology Editors format.
font description files for the CB Greek fonts.
Complete set of Greek fonts.
Polish extension of Computer Concrete fonts.
Continuation headings and legends for floats.
Support for Concrete text and math fonts in .
Chinese chess.
support for Creative Commons icons.
Typeset Creative Commons licence logos.
A key-value document command parser.
Cross referencing with proper definite articles.
Typeset CD covers.
Expandable conditional commands for .
Typeset CD covers.
Take user text and typeset it to fit a CD label.
Produce papers for Computers and Electronics in Agriculture.
Bibliography style for Cell.
Accept CSS-like selectors in tabular, array, ….
Ensure minimal spacing of table cells.
Cellular table construction.
Building tables one cell at a time.
A TikZ library for drawing celtic knots.
Tools for producing redacted documents.
A macro for centering lines.
Paragraphs with last line centered, known as “Spanish” paragraphs.
Centred \not command.
Compression tools for PostScript.
A class file to typeset exams.
Documentation of configuration options.
packages for use of initials.
Enhanced support for the Latin Modern fonts.
Generate changebars in documents.
Change the layout of individual pages and their text.
Typesetting keepachangelog.com style changelogs.
Margin adjustment and detection of odd/even pages.
Manual change markup.
Page numbering by chapter.
Bibliography details per chapter.
Multiple bibliographies in a document.
Package for working with complicated folder structures.
CharisSIL fonts with support for all engines.
Charter fonts.
Change bar marks in Plain .
Change the Bibliography/References title.
A simple cheatsheet class.
A syntax checker and tidier.
Check parentheses in .
Check citation commands in a document.
Extend “improperly closed environment” messages.
A patch for the label-checking code.
Pass verbatim contents through a compiler and reincorporate the resulting output .
Various formats for journals in Chemistry.
Arrows for chemists.
Arrows for use in chemistry.
A collection of files for chemistry journals.
Simple consecutive numbering of chemical compounds.
Support for compound numbers in chemistry documents.
Creating (chemical) exercise sheets.
Draw molecules with easy syntax.
Command for typesetting chemical formulas and reactions.
Upright Greek letters in chemistry.
A collection of macros to support typesetting chemistry documents.
A method for numbering chemical compounds.
Convert chemical structures from ChemDraw, MDL molfile or SMILES using Open Babel.
Symbology to draw chemical plants with TikZ.
Support for chemical schemes.
Typeset and cross-reference chemical schemes based on TikZ code.
Automated creation of numeric entity labels.
Structural organic chemistry.
Writing chemistry with style.
Macros for typing chemical symbols.
Structural chemistry.
Adobe chess font.
A font for the Cherokee script.
Fonts for typesetting chess boards.
A package for typesetting chess problem diagrams.
Print chess boards.
A package to handle chess fonts.
Minimal chess diagrams.
layout inspired by harvmac.
A companion package for the Swiss typesetter.
Draw change bars in the margin.
Linguistic glossing in Marathi language.
A "Chicago" bibliography style.
Chicago-based annotated style.
"Chicago" bibliography style with annotations.
Use lua callbacks for “interesting” textual effects.
Chicago-style footnote formatting.
Directly compile \include’d child documents.
Font and macros for Chinese calendar.
Typeset Chinese chess with l3draw.
Luatexja-jfm files for Chinese typesetting.
A Chinese system.
Using the free Chivo fonts with .
Warn whenever a float is placed “to far away”.
Check for problems with labels in .
Check for errors in documents.
Class for typesetting letters to Swiss rules.
Change the resetting of counters.
Change the page layout in the middle of a document.
Macros to typeset parsing trees.
Print chord grids for pop/jazz tunes.
Draw chord diagrams.
Chroma: a reference book of colours.
Provides a horizontal timeline.
Drawing time-line diagrams.
Physics lab reports for Carmel High School.
Bibliography style for Chalmers University of Technology.
Typeset documents in Church Slavonic language using Unicode.
A class for submissions to the “Commentarii informaticae didacticae (CID).
support for Cinzel and Cinzel Decorative fonts.
Macros for typesetting circuit diagrams.
Maths mode circles for temporal logic.
Typeset circled numbers.
Create circled text.
M4 macros for electric circuit diagrams.
Draw electrical networks with TikZ.
A circular glyphs alphabet.
Fonts for Cirth.
Bibliography formatting with Citation Style Language.
Improved citation handling in .
Citation management bundle.
Cite all entries of a bbl created with Bib.
Add reference-page-list to bibliography-items.
Produce a citation list for the bibliography.
style for Computer Journal.
document class for CJE articles.
Typeset Hebrew with .
CJK language support.
Chinese/Japanese/Korean bitmap fonts.
Tools to integrate CJK fonts into Ghostscript.
Extension of the CJK package for Korean typesetting.
Adjust locations and kerning of CJK punctuation marks.
A bundle of packages and classes.
A serif font family.
The source of ’s standard classes.
URW Classico fonts.
Cite classic works.
A “classically styled” thesis package.
Biological classification tables.
Record classes used in a document.
XML mastering for classes and packages.
A clean style for thesis documents.
Clear Sans fonts with support.
Key/value support with a hash.
Intelligent cross-referencing.
Adds forward-referencing functionality to the cleveref package.
Slide Deck Animation.
A language-independent literate programming tool.
Copy and paste into and across documents.
Map and iterate over 3 clists.
Graphical and textual clocks for and .
A simple literate programming tool based on clojure's pamphlet system.
Tidy up after reading a file.
A Lua package for creating cloze texts.
Control pagestyle of pages left blank by \cleardoublepage.
Typesets pseudocode as in Introduction to Algorithms.
Typesets pseudocode as in Introduction to Algorithms.
Place contents into a full width colour strip.
Documentation of class and package writing.
An automation tool for running .
Computer Modern fonts.
Type 3 outline versions of the CM fonts.
Adobe Font Metrics for the CM fonts.
Generate GF format for CM.
Type 1 CM-based fonts for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.
Sources of the Computer Modern fonts.
Extra files for CM.
Improve the kerning of CM fonts.
PK bitmaps of the Computer Modern fonts.
CM-Super family of fonts.
Metric files for the Computer Modern fonts.
Computer Modern Unicode font family.
for the Macintosh.
Make PDF files searchable and copyable.
arrows and braces in the Computer Modern style.
Font for planetary symbols.
Computer modern mathematical blackboard bold font.
Computer Modern Bright fonts.
Computer Modern fonts with cyrillic extensions.
A set of Type 1 Cyrillic fonts.
Russian fonts in "alternative" encoding.
support for the cmcyralt fonts.
Get command name reliably.
Check used commands.
Install macros for “standard” fonts not used by itself.
Reencoded versions of Haralambous fraktur fonts.
Symbols for linear logic.
Old English glyphs to go with Computer Modern.
Virtual fount setup for using old style digits.
Outline versions of the Computer Modern fonts.
A Computer Modern Pica variant.
Style for the journal Condensed Matter Physics.
Content Management System for Talks.
Interfaces to the CM Sans Serif Bold fonts.
Upright punctuation with CM slanted.
Computer Modern for Serbian and Macedonian.
CM fonts test sources.
Upright punctuation with CM italic.
A package for handling the cmtt font better.
Upright integral symbols for Computer Modern.
A macro package for colour manipulation (using PostScript).
Typeset working papers of the Czech National Bank.
tools and documenting facilities.
Simple "quality" printing of C sources.
Support for countdowns, and for clocks in any timezone.
A different way to read counters.
Store counter values per chapter.
Cochineal fonts with support.
Typeset "code" in verbatim.
Barcode macros for the Code 128 standard.
Typeset code with annotations.
Highlighted source code in a fancy box.
A minimalist set of commands (expl3 based) to describe Document and Class level commands/functions.
code and documentation in -format file.
Highlight code and demos with l3regex and lpeg.
Support for variant code pages.
Provides an environment that may be conditionally included.
Test the consistency of the Italian personal Fiscal Code.
Coelacanth fonts with support.
Add coffee stains to documents.
Collect arguments of any command.
Collect contents of a tabular cell as argument to a macro.
Collect text for later re-use.
Collect and process macro arguments as boxes.
Collect blocks of references into a single reference.
Colon equals symbols.
Provides commands for producing a colophon.
Colour control for documents.
Colorful edits for multiple authors of a shared document.
Coloured syntax highlights in documentation.
Simple colour use in Plain .
Insert colored belts (vectorial format) in documents (to presetn skills, for example).
Style package for directly including color emojis in documents.
Fix color problems with the package “framed”.
Retrieve colour model and values for defined colours.
Define missing colors by their names.
Write your articles or books in a colorful way.
Collection of free ICC profiles.
Simple colour-selection commands.
Color separation.
Provides PDF color spaces.
Shade cells of tables and halign.
Add colour to tables.
Colour facilities for use with .
Colours by wavelength of visible light.
Extend the color package colour space.
Typeset "comma-below" letters, as in Romanian.
Bundle individual documents into a single document.
Include graphic (EPS or PDF)/ combinations.
Add NFSS-declarations of combo fonts to Lua documents.
Sans serif font, with support.
Use Comic Neue with (-alike) systems.
Use Microsoft Comic Sans font.
Formats a number by inserting commas.
Expandable iteration on comma-separated and filename lists.
Mathematics typesetting support.
Commented editions with .
Selectively include/exclude portions of text.
Comment macros for use in Plain .
A Python script to comment and uncomment lines.
A font designed by a committee.
Convert common unicode symbols to code.
CoDi: Commutative Diagrams for .
Frequently Asked Questions from comp.fonts.
Compact lists of symbols.
Multiple thebibliography environments.
Compare two strings.
Track skills of classroom checks.
Computational complexity class names.
Components of .
Document () programming with .
Class for the journal Computational Complexity.
Content of the book Computer Typesetting Using .
Keeping track of formal ‘concepts’ for a particular field.
Concrete Math fonts.
Concrete mathematics fonts.
Concrete based OpenType Math font.
Concert programmes.
Concrete Roman fonts.
Consistent text and maths using concrete fonts.
Define and manage conditional content.
A set of tools for generating conference proceedings.
A utility for OO programming documentation.
Automatic numbering of constants.
Typeset multiline continued equalities.
The Cont macro package.
A simple accounting package.
Algorithm handling in Cont.
Generate fieldstack based animation with Cont.
Annotate text blocks.
A BNF module for Cont.
Collection of calendars based on the PocketDiary-module.
Cont macros for chromatograms.
Use Computer Modern bold Caps and Small-caps in Cont.
Use Computer Modern Typewriter bold font in Cont.
Environment to place collating marks on the spine of a section.
Construction plans in Cont.
Write numbers as cyrillic glyphs.
Degrading JPEG images in Cont.
Overfull pages with Cont.
Run external programs on the contents of a start-stop environment.
Make editorial marks on a document.
Support for writing French in Cont.
Overfull pages with Cont.
Create static and interactive versions of board games.
GANTT module for Cont.
Inclusion of Gnuplot graphs in Cont.
Data merging for automatic document creation.
An ini-file pretty-printer, using Cont.
Date driven lists or lists driven by date-intervals.
Show Cont layouts.
Cont package for writing letters.
A Cont implementation of lettrines.
Lilypond code in Cont.
Set notation in Cont.
Notes on using Cont MkIV.
A personal organiser.
Process reStructuredText with Cont.
Ruby annotations in Cont.
A Go system in Cont.
Simplified font usage for Cont.
A module for preparing presentations.
Typesetting Magic and Latin squares.
Sudokus for Cont.
Simple presentations using Cont.
Place document titles.
The "top ten" Cont commands.
Transliterate text from ‘other’ alphabets.
Something like Koma-Script typearea.
Small modules to load various fonts for use in Cont.
Cont support for URW Garamond font.
Cont support for URW Gothic.
Generate Cont syntax highlighting code from vim.
Visual display of Cont counters.
Prints ‘continuation’ marks on pages of multipage documents.
Print a coloured contour around text.
Generate calling cards for dances.
Create new key-value syntax.
Correct platex/uplatex bookmarks in PDF created with hyperref.
Generate Knuthian encoding for text files.
Typeset recipes.
Typeset and convert units for cookery books and recipes.
Symbols for recipes.
A based package to easily typeset some professional looking cooking recipes.
COntent-Oriented .
Typeset long legal footnotes.
Manipulate COntent Oriented Lists.
String manipulation in .
Reference items in a theorem environment.
Associate a pop-up window and tooltip with PDF hyperlinks.
Support for Cooperative Writing and editorial comments.
, pdf, XeLaTeX and Lua support for the Cooper Hewitt family of sans serif fonts.
Draw cartesian coordinate systems.
Automatic editing of Copac/ records.
Coptic Fonts.
Copyediting support for documents.
Copy and paste into and across documents.
Provide copyright notices for images in a document.
An installation script for Corel Ventura fonts.
Metrics, etc., for fonts distributed with Corel products.
Manage Corel-distributed fonts.
Cormorant Garamond family of fonts.
Correct spacing of the alignment in expressions.
Macros for marking correction sheets.
Correct index entries for chemical compounds.
Add index entries to document.
Context sensitive outline elements.
French version of colour definitions from xcolor.
Make use of count1 to count9.
Additional tools for counters.
A font with the images of the countries of Europe.
Count compilations of a document.
Adobe Type 1 “free” copies of Courier.
Provides a scaled Courier font.
Courier 10 Pitch BT with support.
Prepare university course outlines.
Prepare university course papers.
Automatic cover page creation for scientific papers.
Make Apostrophic Laboratories's Covington fonts available to and .
macros for Linguistics.
Typeset C programs.
Allow verbatim, etc., in macro arguments.
Use cprotect arbitrarily nested.
Draw protein secondary structures.
Use different code pages for input.
Beamer Template for Chongqing University.
Thesis Template for Chongqing University.
Boxes with crossed corners.
Create struktex code.
Initializing and configuring theorem-like environments, with multilingual support.
Macros to create simple tcolorbox with some customizations.
Cross referencing with proper definite articles.
Crimson fonts with support.
CrimsonPro fonts with support.
Fonts for Croatian Glagolitic and other Croatian scripts.
Support for cropmarks.
Crop marks on \shipout.
Cropmark macros for Plain .
Philip Taylor's cropmarks macros.
Add crop marks to a Plain document.
Smart typesetting of enumerated cross-references for various formats.
Crossreferences within documents.
Expandable extraction of cleveref data.
Scripts for working with crossref.org.
Bibliography management tool.
Typeset crossword puzzles.
Macros for typesetting crossword puzzles.
Line printer output from DVI files.
Add a Navigation Path to the page header.
Crossword macros for Plain .
Typesetting pseudocode, protocols, game-based proofs and black-box reductions in cryptography.
Font for graphical symbols used in crystallography.
A wrapper for article with macros and customizations for computer science assignments.
class for articles submitted to the CSTUG Bulletin (Zpravodaj).
Czech/Slovak-tuned Computer Modern fonts.
Czech/Slovak tuned CM fonts in Type 1 format.
Czech/Slovak version of MakeIndex.
support for Czech/Slovak typesetting.
A list of plain.tex cs names.
Plain multilanguage support.
Czech/Slovakian PostScript font support.
Context sensitive quotation facilities.
German translation of csquotes documentation.
Named colors for web-safe design.
Support for Czech/Slovak languages.
Czech typography rules enforced through Lua hooks.
Convert spreadsheet table cells into source.
Merge code with csv data.
Simple CSV file processing.
Link spread sheets to .
Reading data from CSV files.
Computer Sanskrit(/Extended) coding support on MS-DOS.
Flexible typesetting of table and figure floats using key/value directives.
Catcode table stable support.
A jiffy to search CTAN file list.
Bibliography data for all CTAN packages.
Upload or validate a package for CTAN.
CTAN guidelines verifier and corrector for uploading projects.
Export CTAN entries to bib format.
Prepare a package for upload to CTAN.
Support for users uploading to CTAN.
classes and packages for Chinese typesetting.
FAQ by the Chinese Society (ctex.org).
Tibetan for and .
C version of tie (merging Web change files).
Typeset recipes.
Hebrew fonts from the Culmus project.
A cuneiform font.
Cuprum font family support for .
Format currencies in a consistent way.
Provide file name and path of input files.
Lightweight class for CVs.
Typeset a curriculum vitae.
A tutorial.
Draw a cursor in an equation.
A class for making curriculum vitae.
Extensions for package pict2e.
Curves for picture environment.
Customised styles.
Simple commands for drawing customisable dice.
Custom environments (MCQ, list with picked items, ...).
Mixing onecolumn and twocolumn modes.
Cut a window in a paragraph, typeset material in it.
A package for creating a curriculum vitae.
CV class, with extended details.
Compute and display CVSS base scores.
Yet another style for easy CV pagination.
A Web system in C.
Insert hyperlinks for included files.
A version of CWEB.
CWEB for ANSI-C/C++ compilers.
A system for Structured Software Documentation in C.
Annotate compliance with cybersecurity requirements.
“Controls in Contents” for the cyber package.
The Cyclop typeface.
A script which was used on Cyprus for writing Greek.
A font for ancient Cypriot Greek inscriptions.
Documentation of Cyrillic-alphabet features.
Support for Cyrillic fonts in .
Provides basic 2.09 font access to the Washington cyrillic fonts.
Details of using the AMS Cyrillic fonts.
Em as distributed by CyrTUG.
Hyphenation patterns for Czech.
Convert Czech hyphenation patterns to standard encoding.
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