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Enable PiCTeX to run with .
A preprocessor for pmx.
Extension of plain for 3D graphics.
Mathematical Approximations and Documentation.
Converter tools: MAB to and UTF-8 to ASCII.
for the Macintosh.
Convert Apple type 1 fonts for use under Windows.
List operations for .
A list of internal macros.
Swap the definitions of two macros.
The Live Mac distribution.
A basic distribution for the Macintosh.
Extras for the Mac distribution.
Convert "Macintosh PostScript" for use with .
Mathematics in accord with French usage.
Magazine layout.
A font to go with the Magic(TM) game.
Access systems’ “magic numbers”.
An easy and flexible way to set watermarks.
The Magra font face with support for and pdf.
Typeset Mahjong Tiles using MPSZ Notation.
Macros for mail merging.
Repeating text field substitution.
Print USPS standard envelopes.
A build system for tex4ht.
Print various kinds 2/5 and Code 39 bar codes.
Typeset counters in a different base.
Defines a \makebox* command.
Tabular column heads and multilined cells.
A library for drawing electrical circuit diagrams.
The new \makecommand command always (re)defines a command.
Make a Cookbook.
Preprocessing documentation with .
Perl script to help generate dtx and ins files.
Shell scripts to generate bitmaps from sources.
Include a glossary into a document.
Java GUI alternative to makeglossaries script.
Standard package for creating indexes.
Process index output to produce typesettable code.
Makeindex development sources.
Add a ‘\makelabels’ feature to KOMA-Script letter classes and package.
Easy plots from Matlab in .
A literate system for programming.
Include Arduino or Processing code in documents.
Making a macro robust (legacy package).
Make an existing command robust.
Declare new PGF shapes.
Convert Word or Excel tables to tabular structures.
Typeset pointed Hebrew using Omega.
for Malayalam.
Fonts for typesetting Malayalam, with a pre-processor.
Typesetting Malayalam using Omega.
Support input in Maltese.
A sans-serif font family.
Compute the Mandelbrot set.
Macros for introductory physics and astronomy.
support for the book symbols.
Manju language support.
Man pages in .
Knuth's "manual" fonts.
A document style for manuals.
Emulate look of a document typed on a typewriter.
Adds footnote levels to standard ’s footnote mechanism.
Provides support for many indexes.
Support for multiple character sets and encodings.
Styles and examples for the MAPLE newsletter.
Typeset Marathi language using XeLaTeX or Lua.
Marcellus fonts with support.
Display bibitem tags in the margins.
Extensions to \marginpar handling.
Improved margin notes.
Patch \marginpar to avoid overfull margins.
Notes in the margin, even where \marginpar fails.
Make numbered notes in the margin.
Converting and rendering markdown documents inside .
Place text in the margin of a document.
Martin Vogel's Symbols (marvosym) font.
Class for the french journal “MATAPLI”.
Commands for MatematicaC3 textbooks.
Class for MatematicaC3 textbooks.
Find mismatches of parentheses, braces, (angle) brackets, in texts .
Examples from the book Typesetting Mathematics with .
Samples from Math into , 4th Edition.
Three series of mathematical symbols.
Outline version of the mathabx fonts.
General package for loading maths alphabets in .
General package for loading maths alphabets in .
Chinese introduction to mathematical alphabets.
Use the text font in maths mode.
Use the bbold fonts in mathematics.
Mathematics support commands.
\newcommand-like commands for defining math macros.
Text symbols in maths mode.
Mathematical fonts to fit with particular text fonts.
Commands to produce dots in math that respect font size.
Support for fonts distributed with Mathematica.
Examples from the book "Mathematiksatz mit ".
Package for typesetting exams.
Extend math family up to 256 for p/up/Lamed.
Fix various layout issues in math mode.
Use TrueType and OpenType fonts in math mode.
Support for Microsoft Georgia and ITC Franklin Gothic.
Merge font families to create mathematical font sets.
Generate maths fonts to match outline fonts.
Define maths "ligatures".
Typesetting sequences of math formulas, e.g. type inference rules.
Fonts to typeset mathematics to match Palatino.
Use PostScript Palatino for typesetting maths.
Adobe Times Roman (or equivalent) for text and maths.
Use Times as default text font, and provide maths support.
Control the space after punctuation in math expressions.
Support for using RSFS fonts in maths.
Summary of mathematical symbols available in .
Convert Mathsci database information to .
Retrieve references from MathSciNet in format.
Semantic math commands in .
A mathematics-capable word processor with output.
Specify arbitrary fonts for mathematics in .
A Perl filter program for use with PiCTeX.
Use Adobe Stone Serif and Stone Sans for typesetting maths.
Manage mathematics typesetting style.
A CGI program to use to put mathematics on the web.
macros for using MathTime and MathTime Plus.
MathTime AFM files.
Plain macros for using MathTime and MathTime Plus.
Mathematical tools to use with amsmath.
A trip to the wonderful world of mathematics.
Evaluation version of a commercial equation editor.
Pretty-print Matlab source code.
Literate programming system for Matlab.
A PGF/TikZ library that simplifies working with multiple matrix nodes.
Matrices/tensor typesetting.
Import Matlab values to documents.
Prevent reloading of files.
Make math bold or italic according to context.
Generate random mazes.
Comprehensive blackboard bold fonts.
Notes in tables or images.
Fill free space with a pattern.
Put captions in the margin.
Creating covers for music cassettes.
Create randomized Multiple Choice questions.
Draw chemical structure diagrams with .
Multiple items in a single citation.
Enhanced multiple citations.
Template designed for MCM/ICM.
Convert VAXIMA output to code.
Framed environments that can split at page boundaries.
Upright digits in Adobe Utopia Italic.
Symbol fonts to match Adobe Myriad Pro.
A DVI previewer.
A model for font manipulation.
Miscellaneous list-related commands.
Some maths extensions.
A reimplementation of tabular and array environments.
Miscellaneous tools by Mark Wooding.
Formulas frequently used in rigid body mechanics.
Multimedia inclusion for the dvisvgm backend.
Multimedia inclusion package with Adobe Reader-9/X compatibility.
Beamer document class for MedStar Health Research Institute.
Format written minutes of meetings.
Make cassette tape labels.
A multilingual system for Lamed.
Membrane Computing notation.
Notes on book design.
Experimental memoir support.
Adjustment for using hyperref in memoir documents.
Plain macros for memoranda.
A memo document style.
A memo document style.
Typeset fiction, non-fiction and mathematical books.
Chapter styles in memoir class.
Externalization of graphics and memoization of compilation results in general.
Containers for data in .
TikZ styles to typeset graphs of program memory.
Documentation for Mendex index processor.
Typeset simple school cafeteria menus.
A basis for books to be published by Mentis publishers.
Typesetting menus.
Typesetting menu cards with .
Format menu sequences, paths and keystrokes from lists.
Class for Mechanical Engineering Publications.
editor and previewer.
Spherical Mercator coordinate systems and Web Mercator tile integration.
Perform mail merges in .
Merriweather and MerriweatherSans fonts, with support.
Display message bubbles as a conversation.
Draw diagrams to represent communication protocols.
Emacs mode for /post.
A system for specifying fonts.
A system for specifying fonts.
An introductory tutorial for .
Some Experiences in Running and .
output of Go positions.
Typeset document outline with metainfo.
Extended logo macros.
Adjust logos, with font detection.
Write Metanorma standardization documents using LaTe.
package providing high-level objects.
Plot-manipulation macros for use in .
A development of for creating graphics.
A development of for creating graphics.
A development of for creating graphics.
Example drawings using .
An implementation of the colorbrewer2.org colours for .
data plotting in Matlab style.
Store and compose strings.
Incorporate pictures in source.
Generate Type 1 fonts from .
library for typesetting UML diagrams.
Typeset method and variable declarations.
Support for the work of classicists.
Typeset metric marks for Latin text.
The package provides dedicated commands to generate (vectorial) meteorological symbols.
MicroEmacs for Windows interface.
Polish formats for .
-PostScript conversions.
Modification of to produce PostScript output.
Convert stylized to PostScript Type 1.
Create Adobe Type 3 fonts.
Add labels into drawings created with .
The source of The book.
Multiple font formats.
Uppercase the first letter of a word.
support for logo fonts.
logo font.
Typeset the logo under 2.09.
Packages to typeset oldgerman and pandora fonts in .
Draw /post pictures from commands.
Macros to draw direction fields and solutions of ODEs.
Pretty-print source.
Convert fonts to Adobe Type 1.
Supporting tools for use with .
Making friends with .
High-quality graphics from MGL scripts embedded in documents.
Stub for the (old) ‘mh’ bundle.
Macros for marginal notes, in Plain .
Typeset chemical formulae/equations and H and P statements.
Multicolumn equations, tags, labels, sub-numbering.
Historical mathematics.
The mathtools “setup” function.
Extract solutions from exercises and quizzes.
The Miama Nueva handwriting font with support.
A -based word processor.
Subliminal refinements towards typographical perfection.
Translation into German of the documentation of microtype.
Convert MIDI to Music input.
Mixing onecolumn and twocolumn modes at any place of page.
Convert MIDI to Music input.
A set of useful macro tools.
Environment for vertical centring.
Conversion between Frame Maker and Xfig.
A free distribution for MS-Windows.
A version of Mik to carry around.
A cygwin bash script for automatic updating and installing new packages of MiK.
Samples from Math into .
Samples from Math into , third edition.
Typeset miller indices.
A class for fulfilling the documentation duties according to the German minimum wage law MiLoG.
Generate documents according to MIL STD 490.
package for TikZ based drawing of military symbols as per NATO APP-6(C).
Parse math expressions and emit gif or xbitmaps.
Write your ideas in a clear way.
A simple type of box for .
Creates miniature documents inside other documents.
Fixed-point real computations to 8 decimals.
An abstract of facilities for use with Plain .
A modern plain format for the Lua engine.
Create tiling patterns with the minim-mp processor.
Extensive maths for Lua.
Low-level mplib integration for Lua.
Low-level PDF integration for Lua.
Embed XMP metadata in PDF with Lua.
A trivial class, for use when testing.
Write your articles or books in a simple and clear way.
Enable use of Minion Pro with newtx.
support for Adobe MinionPro fonts.
Minipages with marginal notes.
A package for easy figure arrangement.
Produce a table of contents for each chapter, part or section.
Quote and refer to a manuscript for minor revisions.
Highlighted source code for .
support for MintSpirit font families.
Typeset the minutes of meetings.
PostScript mirror header (for dvips).
Miscellaneous mathematical macros.
A late medieval OpenType textura font.
Typeset documents for MIT Press.
A template for an MIT thesis.
A and maker.
A preprocessor for Bang.
file creator.
Generate a texmf tree for a particular job.
A utility for making hyphenation patterns.
Perl interface to mfpic.
Manipulate TDS directories for PK fonts.
Provides a simple workflow for creating custom stamps.
MLA styles.
Proper MLA formatting.
class for MLA papers.
Write MLA style documents in Plain .
Support for multilingual bibliographies.
Variants of delimiters that act as maths open/close.
Logical markup for lists.
Mathematical notation for Machine Learning.
A blacker Type 1 version of Computer Modern, with multilingual support.
The ML system.
support for ML.
Exercises/homework at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.
A jiffy Multiple Master tool.
Use Mathematica graphics in a document.
Font metrics for multiple-master font.
Include CMap resources in PDF files from pdf.
Create instance of multiple-master font.
Multiple master fonts tools.
Hyphenation patterns for Mongolian.
Margin annotation for collaborative writing.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
Plain macros for MNRAS.
Mathematical symbol font for Adobe MinionPro.
Tools for the "The Secret History of the Mongols".
Generate invoices for Belgian non-profit organizations.
A modern curriculum vitae class.
A modern poster theme.
Timelines for use with moderncv.
A collection of mode_def’s.
The rules about modifying .
Drawing molecular orbital diagrams.
Customisation of cross-references in .
Write numbers in lower case roman numerals.
Relative section headings for modular documents.
A non-destructive modulus and integer quotient operator for .
Convert chemical structures from MDL molfile format to chemfig source code.
A language definition file for Mongolian in Babel.
Alignment of plain text.
Obsolete name for Frankenstein.
Mongolian .
Montserrat sans serif, otf and pfb, with support files.
Generating Moodle quizzes via .
Font for representing the phases of the moon.
defining, expansion, and debugging commands.
More enumeration options.
Increase the number of simultaneous floats.
Improve error messages.
Hypertext tools for use with .
Allows font sizes up to 35.83pt.
Extended verbatim.
Always room for a new write stream.
Enables selection of 5 standard Japanese fonts for p + dvips.
Support for printing Morse code signs.
Drawing movement arrows on linguistic example sentences.
Multimedia inclusion package.
Work around a bug in marginpars.
module with different types of arrow heads.
Patterns in .
Drawing chess boards and positions with .
Extend list of predefined colour names for .
An enhanced version of dinbrief.
text editor for Win32.
Computer Modern Type 3 fonts converted using .
Process and display figures inline.
A Russian translation of the manual.
Embed figures within documents.
A convertor from output to Encapsulated PostScript.
Probability trees with .
A file verification tool.
Recognise un-escaped command names in maths.
Various packages by Martin Schröder.
Draw MSC diagrams.
A package for localisation.
Michael Landy’s APA citation style.
Class for Michigan State University Master’s and PhD theses.
Simulate msxm and msym fonts using msam and msbm.
A partial implementation of the old msym10 font.
Use MathTime complete under .
Macros for "Mathematical by Example".
The pioneering music-in- macros.
Use italic and upright greek letters with mathtime.
Subset of MathTime Pro 2 font set.
Conference proceedings for the German MuC-conference.
Thesis class complying with Marquette University Graduate School requirements.
MA Thesis class for the Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai.
Multi-column enumerated lists.
Several versions of output from the same source.
Multiple bibliographies.
Multiple bibliographies within one document.
Multiple versions of a bibliography, with different sort orders.
Multiple boxes and frames for the picture environment.
Format captions inside multicols.
Intermix single and multiple columns.
Put successive paragraphs in different columns.
Decorative rules between columns.
Quickly define several similar macros.
A loop facility for Generic .
Multiple environments using a “key=value” syntax.
Variations on the primitive command \expandafter.
Multiple numbers for the same footnote.
A package for maintaining multiple translations of a document.
Multiple indexes in documents.
Symbols for multiobjective optimisation etc.
package for multiple-choice questions.
Create tabular cells spanning multiple rows.
Set table of contents in multiple columns.
An alternative authordate bibliography style.
Typeset (musical) theatre scripts.
Accessing symbols for music writing with pdf.
Typesetting music with .
Easy creation of “arithmetical restoration” puzzles.
Easy notation for guitar music, in Musix.
Sophisticated music typesetting.
Multi-pass music typesetting.
Fonts used by Musix.
Adobe Type 1 versions of MusiX fonts.
A MusiX extension library that enables transformations of the effect of notes commands.
Typeset papers for the department of music, Osnabrück.
Classes for University of Manchester Dept of Computer Science.
Keeping track of document versions.
Polish-oriented document classes.
Packages and image files for MWEs.
Support for multiple-weight font packages.
Write information to files.
Support for Mongolian “horizontal” (Xewtee Dorwoljin) script.
A pair of fonts for different Georgian alphabets.
Create reaction schemes with and chemfig.
A list-driven CV class, allowing TikZ decorations.
Configuring the output of the \listfiles command.
Make a format containing a document’s preamble.
Build a format based on the preamble of a file.
An old letter class.
XeLaTeX template for writing the main body of NSFC proposals.
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