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Convert refer and EndNote files to .
Chemical hazard codes.
Generic ragged left and ragged right options.
Alternative versions of “ragged”-type commands.
Set an entire document raggedright.
Syntax specification in EBNF.
A rake-based tool to compile projects.
Use Raleway with (-alike) systems.
Randomise token strings.
Marginal pictures.
Generating “random” numbers in .
Deal with database, loop, and random in order to build personalized exercises.
Random walks using TikZ.
Randomise the order of characters in strings.
Will turn a range of citations into something like [1..3].
Generate random integers, rational and decimal numbers.
Draw (mathematical) rank 2 root systems.
A "very bad typewriter" font.
A package for German lawyers.
Database reports using and Ruby.
Low level font compatibility mode for .
Print raw Russian text.
Rebecca Turner’s personal macros and styles for typesetting mathematics notes.
Decimal-centered optionally rounded numbers in tabular.
Use RCS (revision control system) tags in documents.
Typeset RCS version control in multiple-file documents.
RCS data in Plain documents.
Support for the revision control system.
A highly readable and good looking CV and letter class.
Read, store and recall array-formatted data.
Provides GetFileInfo without the need to load the file.
Variants of common box-commands that read their content as real box and not as macro argument.
Macros for real arithmetic calculations.
Put real hats on symbols instead of ^.
Access OpenType subscript and superscript glyphs.
The “real” way to transpose a Matrix.
Commands to typeset recursion theory papers.
A class to typeset recipes.
Typeset 5.5" x 8" recipes for browsing or printing.
Typeset recipes in note-card-sized boxes.
Package to display recorder fingering diagrams.
Recycle top matter.
A font providing the "recyclable" logo.
Conditional macro, etc., definitions.
A Hebrew font.
Menu-based editor.
Check references (in figures, table, equations, etc).
Counter operations with label references.
Define named items and provide back-references with that name.
Convert a bibliography to refer format.
Convert between refer format and format.
Bibliographic software supporting /.
Techniques for reflecting graphics.
Format technical reference manuals.
Refresh PDF files "remotely".
Advanced formatting of cross references.
Display the allocation status of the registers.
High level patching of commands.
Typeset programmable elements in digital hardware (registers).
Information about register use.
Typeset scholarly editions.
Typeset scholarly editions in parallel texts.
A "relaxed" font encoding.
Set the font size relative to the current font size.
Remove from counter-reset lists.
Remove counters from reset list.
Multiple versions from the same content.
Draw Reo Channels and Circuits.
Repeat execution of macros.
Repeat items in an index after a page or column break.
macros for secondary school mathematics teachers.
Control how text gets copied from a PDF file.
Typeset a multi-chapter report.
Packages "required" of a distribution.
Checksum based rerun checks on auxiliary files.
A resumé class.
Re-scan tokens with synctex information.
Automatically resize overly large equations.
Measure restriction symbol in .
Work on linear systems using xint or pyluatex.
Typeset articles for the journal Res Philosophica.
Describing a rest api.
Typeset a resume both in English and Chinese.
Plain macros for resumés.
Semi-automatic grid typesetting.
Playing Reversi in .
Reverse enumerate.
Hacks to make writing quantum papers for revtex4-1 less painful.
Styles for various Physics Journals.
Styles for various Physics Journals (old version).
Styles for various Physics Journals.
Generate entries for IETF RFCs.
Ruby font installer library.
Tables of RGB colour parameters.
Common code for documentation of the author’s packages.
Drawing ribbon proofs.
Create rich text strings.
Malayalam fonts by Rachana Institute of Typography (RIT).
Support for use of \parshape in .
Rewrite labels in EPS graphics.
Create rich media annotations in a PDF file.
Repeating of math operator at the broken line and the new line in inline equations.
Remove incorrect ligatures in German documents.
A package to help change page layout parameters in .
Use a roman font for theorem statements.
Convert from Runoff to .
A fun demo of Acro eDucation Bundle facilities.
TikZ powered package to draw parameterized 2D robot arms.
Support for the Roboto family of fonts.
Cache anything (TikZ, python, ...) in a robust, efficient and pure way.
Declare robust command, with \newcommand checks.
Create index with pagerefs.
A font with the images of the counties of Romania.
Write roman number with "bars".
Typesetting roman page numbers.
Romande ADF fonts and support.
support for Romanian.
Roman page numbers negative.
Generate roman numerals instead of arabic digits.
Create ROR symbols which links to the given ROR-IDs.
Using the free Rosario fonts with .
Rotate boxes.
Box rotation macros for Textures.
Rotation tools, including rotated full-page floats.
Perform simple rotation cyphers.
Rotate floats.
Typeset sets of pages upside-down and backwards.
Rotunda manuscript book-hand font.
Draw a “question wheel” (roue de questions).
Round boxes in .
macros for highly configurable rounded rectangles (optionally with text).
Typesetting old-school Dungeons and Dragons modules.
Redefines the plain pagestyle.
Place text over PSTricks objects without obscuring background colors.
Linguistic tree diagrams for Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) with .
style for use with RSC journals.
Ralph Smith's Formal Script font.
A mathematical calligraphic font based on rsfs.
Drawing rhetorical structure analysis diagrams in .
Access to R analysis from within a document.
Convert Rich Text Format (RTF) files to .
Convert RTF to .
Input encoding with fallback procedures.
Make suit details for German courts.
Draw Real-Time scheduling (GANTT) charts.
Document Rubik cube configurations and rotation sequences.
Typeset Rubik cubes and move notation.
Processes a sequence of Rubik rotations.
Typeset Rubik TwoCubes and move notation.
Russian hyphenation.
Provide 3 commands for typesetting rules.
Plain table macros, with ruled capability.
A typographic ruler for .
Draw rulers around a box.
A TikZ library for straight-edge and compass diagrams.
Execute foreign source code and embed the result in the pdf file.
Two rune fonts.
Fonts for Anglo-Saxon futharc script.
Windows program to run variant and various utils as needed.
A Lua script running document files with -style shebang.
in Russian, without babel.
help in Russian.
Roman Rustic manuscript book-hand font.
Radboud University Titlepage Package.
Relative Viewport for Graphics Inclusion.
Increase the number of available output streams in .
Ryerson School of Graduate Studies thesis template.
Class for Ryerson Unversity Graduate School requirements.
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